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With 83 million tourists from China traveling abroad in 2012, China is now not only the fastest-growing tourism source market in the world, but the largest spender in international tourism globally (US$ 102 billion), according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Glogou provides services to attract worldwide tourists (especially tourists from China) to your business. Please see Our Services:

Chinese Shopper

Chinese tourists are set to become the world's biggest overseas spenders

A record 1 billion tourists crossed international borders in 2012, and Chinese travelers are becoming a bigger and bigger part of it. Outbound tourists rose from 16.6 million in 2002 to 83 million in 2012, and are expected to rise to a whopping 200 million by 2020, and the world needs to get ready to absorb that many extra tourists. And especially tourists spending money: UNWTO figures show that year on year, Chinese tourists spent 30 percent more when travelling abroad in 2012 than previous year. Read More ....


Chinese Buyers are Keen on Property Investment in the US

According to a report by the U.S. National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently, Chinese investors now make up the second-largest group of foreign buyers of homes in the US, accounting for $9 billion of sales in 2011. According to a report in Financial Times, with a “huge” influx of wealthy mainland Chinese looking towards purchasing high-end properties across the U.S., China is now one of the fastest growing sources of international buyers in the U.S. real estate market. Read More ...


Cruise Tourism, a New Fashion of Leisure life in China

The “Annual Report of China Outbound Tourism Development 2012” published in April says that the leisure tourism market in China is increasing steadily. 37.6% of Chinese tourists travel for leisure, an increase of 4 percentage points from last year. According to the data from China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association, the number of cruise ships received at ports on the Chinese mainland increased to 262 in 2011, up 17% from the year before. More and more Chinese tourists are showing interest in voyages, which is becoming part of a new fashion of leisure life.Read More ...

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